Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Trip to Museum and Art Gallery trip

Bruum bruum !!!!! Off the bus goes to the museum Room 15, Room 2, and Room 5 jumped out of the bus and we arrived at the museum and walked in side and saw two people standing in front of us and their names were Awhina and Mr Fisher. Awhina said room 5 go with Mr Fisher and go into the cosmodome. Room 2 walked straight to the Art Gallery. Room 15 walked into the theater and she talked to us about Puanga and Orions Belt. Then we walked into another room and took off our shoes. We walked into a cosmodome and lay down and Mr Fisher taught us about stars.

Room 5 and Room 15 walked to the art gallery and walked in side and saw Sietske standing there and she said if you have bags on come with me and we will put them away. The people without bags stay there and when they came back we looked at Alexis Neal's art work. It was amazing. We saw a knitted red bag with a shark tooth tied to it. After that we did cross stitching and we could chose what we did on it. I chose my name.

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