Thursday, 25 June 2015

Weekly Reflection T2W10

What: This week Room 15 did rocket ships but I have not started one because I went home early yesterday. We had some one new in our class to teach us. It is Miss Morris and if we got our work done, we got to go out for a game and i got to go out for a game Miss Mc Avoy took us out. We played playground tag. I got to be tagger for one round. I got quite a lot of people out, then the sneaky Theo was a tagger with Kobie. They got me out early. I tried to hide but it did not work.  Today Miss Mc Avoy helped us do our spelling rules but it was a bit different. We highlighted the word and then we wrote the word next to it and then checked it. Then we chose three words and made them into sentences. 

Now what: I have learned how to do the new spelling rules and how to draw a rocket ship.

 Now what: I have achieved my goal by getting better at my maths. My new goal is to get fun time.

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