Sunday, 11 September 2016

Creative Writing

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was walking by the river when I saw a truck in the river. There were whale sharks and trees in the river as well. The whales were following the truck and the trees down the river out to the sea. The whales saw Alex and me in the river and they tried to eat us but they thought we were cute and tried to smooch us. They went away and followed the truck and the trees down the river again. A Great White Shark and a Hammer Head appeared. The Great White Shark came close and we jumped out the river and sprinted home, got dry and went back the next day. The sharks were still there and they were more of them coming into the river. We told the whole town not to go near the river but some people didn't listen. They were jumping off the bridge and some of them were dying. The river got crowded with sharks and whales including sea creatures and octopuses. I realized I was in a dream a big dream and my dream came true. I felt terrified. It was weird. “Morning mum,” I said, after mum called out to me for breakfast Yummy.  Image result for whale shark

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